How to use your Speedpass

Speedpass - the convenient way to pay

Using Speedpass to pay for fuel and more at Esso is just like using your Esso Fleet Card, but without the card! It’s free and easy to use. Just point your Speedpass key tag at the pump, fuel up and go. No more waiting in line to pay for your petrol or receipts to sign.

Remember that when you use your Speedpass, you’ll also get the same detailed reporting and choice of product restrictions, to ensure that all purchases are authorised.

Click here to view the Speedpass diagram.

How to use your Speedpass at the pump

  1. Point key tag to activate pump.
  2. The pump icon will light up indicating that your Speedpass is being read. Wait for the approval message on the screen. Choose your Synergy fuel product and top up. Replace nozzle and the pump icon lamp will go off. If you need a receipt, press ‘receipt’.
  3. That’s it! Your Esso Fleet Card will be billed automatically.

How to sign up

  • Simply tick “Speedpass key tag” on the enclosed Fleet Card application form
  • Your Fleet Cardholders’ Speedpass key tags will link to your Fleet Card and their purchases will be charged to that account.

Lost or Stolen Speedpass?

In the event that your key tag is lost or stolen, please call our ExxonMobil Card Centre Hotline at 800-6011-342 immediately and leave a voicemail with:

  1. Your company’s name and vehicle number
  2. Your name and contact number
  3. Inform your Fleet Card administrator at your company, so they can follow up with a fax to ExxonMobil to request for a replacement key tag

Important: Call the ExxonMobil Card Centre Hotline at 800-6011-342 as soon as you discover a loss, as liability stops at the point the lost report is made.