Adelaide fuels refinery

Preparation for demolition of the Mobil oil refinery at Port Stanvac began in mid 2009, with actual demolition work onsite commencing in August 2012 and completed in 2014.

The scope of the demolition project included all the refinery process plant and piping, storage tanks, the chimney stack and other associated above-ground facilities such as the office buildings, electrical substations, warehouses, maintenance workshops and control rooms.  It also included removal of all the pipework and other oil handling facilities located on the wharf structure.  

For the latest information on the demolition progress, see the fact sheets available on this page, or head to the Adelaide Refinery news page.

View images of the Port Stanvac wharf.

Environmental consultants are currently preparing a detailed remediation plan for the site, with active remediation works expected to commence onsite in 2017.  Sufficiently remediating the site to a standard suitable for future industrial use is likely to take up to ten years.