Altona Refinery

Altona refinery

Located 13 kilometres west of Melbourne, the Altona Refinery supplies half of Victoria's fuel needs. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and processes crude oil into the full range of petroleum products.

The refinery provides employment for around 350 people and generates many thousand additional jobs through links with the wider community.

The refinery produces up to 13 million litres of refined products per day - enough to fill more than 300,000 cars. Petrol represents approximately 60 percent of production, with diesel representing a further 30 percent and jet fuel around 10 percent. The percentage of each product depends on the type of feedstock used - different types of crude oil, for example, will produce more or less LPG from the refining process.

After processing, refined products are pumped into storage tanks to await distribution. There are almost 100 storage tanks at the Altona Refinery and in the adjacent "tank farm".  

Around 90 percent of products are transported by pipeline from the refinery to Mobil's Yarraville terminal and other industry terminals for distribution by road.

The refinery supplies LPG to the nearby Altona chemical complex, which in turn supplies feedstocks to a number of petrochemical manufacturing plants at Altona. These plants produce the raw material from which a multitude of consumer products are made, including adhesives, plastics, film, wire insulation, radio and TV cabinets, car batteries and tyres.

In line with Victorian regulatory requirements, Altona Refinery is registered as a Major Hazard Facility because it stores, handles, and processes large quantities of flammable products.

Enviromental Management
ExxonMobil’s Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) provides a structure for managing safety, security, health, environmental, and social risks. At Altona Refinery, OIMS is used to describe work processes, identify and mitigate risks, and develop critical procedures. OIMS is consistent with the standard for environmental management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14001:2004). Our Corporate Environment Policy and OIMS Framework set expectations that projects will be developed, constructed, and operated using approved standards that embody responsible development, especially in locations where regulations do not adequately protect the environment.

Our Protect Tomorrow. Today. initiative guides our management processes for maintaining responsible environmental performance. Through the Environmental Business Planning process, our management drives environmental performance considerations into the full life cycle of our operations, from initial impact assessments to facility design and construction and through the operations phase.

Community Hotline
Altona Refinery has a 24-hour community hotline which residents and community members can call to get information about the refinery at any time. The free-call number is 1800 659 527.

SMS Notification for Local Residents
Altona Refinery operates a system which sends an SMS to registered local community members in the event of an issue at the refinery which may cause concern. Local residents only can register to receive messages from the refinery by downloading the form and sending it to: Mobil Altona Refinery, Community Relations, Locked Bag 40, Altona North VIC 3015. SMS registration form.