Public & Government Affairs Specialist

Your Assignment

As a public & government affairs professional at ExxonMobil, you will be exposed to all aspects of public & government affairs with exposure to internal communications, external media interfaces, research, project work, governmental relations, emergency response communications and more. You will work under the guidance and mentoring of senior public affairs professionals in a dynamic team environment.

Your Responsibilities

Examples of specific job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Monitor the activities of and interact with representatives of local, state, federal or international legislative and regulatory agencies
  • Conduct research in preparation of socio-political-economic risk analysis
  • Plan, write/produce employee, customer and marketing communications: electronic, print, video, exhibits or Internet/intranet
  • Research and write speeches for senior executives
  • Advise management on potential public affairs implications of business situations/actions and develop and recommend communications strategies
  • Develop responses and reply to news media questions, write news releases
  • Work on community/philanthropic projects
  • Research best-in-class programs and projects
  • Identify and analyze public issues with potential interest to the Corporation; recommend and implement strategies to address these issues
  • Maintain capability to respond to the communications aspects of an emergency; implement plans when needed

Your Location

Entry level positions are available in numerous places in the US and internationally. A few common entry level locations are Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Fairfax, VA, and Washington, DC.

Your Background

Preferred Master's Degree in Communications, Public & Government Affairs, Political Science and/or International Studies.


  • Public & Government Affairs key competency areas (Internet/intranet, development of printed communications materials, preparation of video communications materials, media relations, government relations, issue management, etc.
  • International issues
  • Crisis communications