HyJet™ V

HyJet V ContainersThe first Type V phosphate ester aviation hydraulic fluid with highest-grade approvals from Airbus and Boeing.

If you are looking for a hydraulic fluid that offers mixed fleets the highest level of performance, convert your equipment to HyJet V. HyJet V from ExxonMobil is a new fire-resistant Type V phosphate ester hydraulic fluid. It offers:

  • Better hydrolytic and thermal stability and service life than Type IV fluids to help reduce maintenance costs.
  • Compliance with Airbus NSA 307110M Type V, Boeing BMS 3-11N Type V Grade A, and SAE AS1241 Type IV and Type V requirements.
  • Protection against electro-chemical erosion, wear, rust and deposit formation to provide for long equipment life.
  • Compatibility with other commercial fluids and aircraft system components to facilitate conversion.

Explore the many benefits of HyJet V:

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