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We provide the marine industry with high-performance marine fuels, lubricants and technical solutions.

We offer a complete range of high quality marine fuel oils and distillates that allow vessel engines to perform reliably and efficiently. A dedicated supply network ensures customers are supplied quickly and accurately, enabling them to stay ahead of deadlines. 

Our technologically advanced mineral and synthetic lubricants are continually optimised to protect the engines and equipment of some of the world’s largest fleets. MobilGard™ oils have repeatedly met and exceeded expectations whilst Mobil SHC™ synthetic oils offer performance benefits and cost savings at even greater temperatures and pressures.

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ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50

A new low sulphur fuel to help marine operators meet the increasingly stringent ECA rules.

environmentally acceptable lubricants

Learn more about the Mobil SHC Aware™ family of environmentally acceptable lubricants

Quick reference chart

Find the right oil for your marine application by using our product reference chart

Marine fuel oils

ExxonMobil offer high-quality marine fuel oils via a safe and reliable supply chain

marine distillates

ExxonMobil’s marine diesel oil and MGO offer high quality alternatives for most vessels including those with low sulphur requirements.

ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50

High-performance lubricants for slow speed engines, offering enhanced protection from adhesive and corrosive wear.

Slow speed system oil

Protect high-output, modern slow speed diesel engines with oils formulated for enhanced load carrying ability in severe operating conditions.

Medium speed HFO use

MobilGard™ oils with the latest additive technology to reduce deposits in piston undercrowns, crankcases, ring belt and camshaft areas.

Medium speed distillate use

Diesel engine oils with low consumption characteristics, high-temperature oxidation resistance and thermal stability

turbo charger oil

Improve performance in turbo charger systems and extend oil drain intervals with lubricants designed to resist oxidation and thermal degradation

High speed engines

Extend engine life and protect components at high temperatures using our range of high speed Mobil Delvac™ oils

Auxiliary machinery

Browse our range of high-performance oils for compressors, gears, hydraulics, wire ropes, heating systems and other marine applications