EXXGARD enables you to cost-effectively plan for preventive maintenance, provide advance warning of possible engine failure and also compare the effectiveness of different oil brands.

Our EXXGARD oil analysis program is designed to help maintain optimal engine performance for piston-engine aircraft, by monitoring oil conditions, additive and contaminant metals and metal wear. Sampling is conducted in three key categories:

  • Oil condition: Evaluate viscosity, acid numbers, fuel dilution, lead content and water content
  • Additive and contaminant metals: Identify the concentration of additives and contaminants in the oil, looking specifically at phosphorus levels and silicon content
  • Metal wear: Identify the source and amount of metal wear in the engine

Your Exxgard report will include recommendations based on OEM limits and historical information to help you improve performance.

Contact a representative to see how EXXGARD can best help your operations.

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EXXGARD aviation oil analysis