Mobil Delvac MX™ 15W-40 engine oil

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Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30 synthetic diesel engine oil

Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30 fully synthetic diesel engine oil is especially suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines using low sulphur fuels and biodiesel fuel formulations.

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   Mobil Delvac MX™ 15W-40 A4 performance profile 778.022 KB/pdf
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Storage and handling: Best practices and guidelines for marine lubricants

Learn more about best practices for handling, storing and dispending ExxonMobil marine lubricants.

  • Inland and Coastal
  • Extended Life
  • Ship in the river during a sunset

    AEP River Operations cut oil use and reduce waste by using Mobil Delvac 1™ ESP 5W-40 synthetic lubricants

    By switching to Mobil Delvac 1™ ESP 5W-40 and using Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis, it’s able to extend oil change intervals and decrease oil usage and waste management.

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    Use the lubricants ports and services directory to view our offer.

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    Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis

    This state-of- the-art programme helps you prolong engine life, avoid unscheduled downtime and maintain equipment reliability.

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