Mobil SHC™ Aware™ Grease EP 2

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Mobilith SHC Series

Our Mobilith SHC™ Series are high-performance, lithium complex synthetic greases developed to protect equipment in severe applications operating at extreme temperatures

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Cruise and Ferry
Specialized Shipping
Deep Sea Shipping Industry
Inland and Coastal
Offshore Supply Vessels
Short Sea Shipping
Vessel General Permit VGP
Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants EAL
High Temperature
Wide Temperature
Low Temperature
Extended Life
Synthetic Grease

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Features and Benefits

  • Meets requirements of US EPA 2013 VGP requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants
  • Ready Biodegradability and Non-Toxicity reduces potential for environmental impact and potentially lowers remediation and clean-up costs caused by spills or leakage
  • Excellent adhesion and water resistance, resists water washout, avoiding need for frequent re-greasing
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection, excellent bearing protection in wet conditions
  • Recommended working temperature is from -25°C to +125°C


  • Rudder stocks
  • ATB notch interfaces
  • Cranes
  • Deck winches
  • General grease points

Typical Properties

Mobil SHC Aware Grease EP 2
NLGI Grade
Four Ball Weld, ASTM D 2596, kgf 400
Four Ball Load Wear Index, ASTM D 2596, kgf 65
Biodegradability of ester base oil, OECD 301B, wt% >60
Aquatic Toxicity, OECD 201, 72h EC50 >1000
Bioaccumulation, OECD 117, Partition Coefficient, log KOW <3
Thickener Type Calcium/Lithium
Color, Visual Amber
ISO Viscosity Grade of Oil 150
Dropping Point, ASTM D 2265, ºC >160
Worked Penetration, ASTM D 217, mm/10 @ 25 °C 280
Water Washout @ 79 ºC, ASTM D 1264, wt% 7
EMCOR Bearing Corrosion in Distilled Water, ASTM D 6138, Rating 0,0
Copper Corrosion, ASTM D 4048, Rating 1b
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