Mobil SHC™ Aware™ Grease EP 2

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Mobilith SHC Series

Our Mobilith SHC™ Series are high-performance, lithium complex synthetic greases developed to protect equipment in severe applications operating at extreme temperatures

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Product information

   Mobil SHC™ Aware™ Grease EP 2 performance profile 787.5 KB/pdf
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Features and Benefits

  • Meets requirements of US EPA 2013 VGP requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants
  • Ready Biodegradability and Non-Toxicity reduces potential for environmental impact and potentially lowers remediation and clean-up costs caused by spills or leakage
  • Excellent adhesion and water resistance, resists water washout, avoiding need for frequent re-greasing
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection, excellent bearing protection in wet conditions
  • Recommended working temperature is from -25°C to +125°C


  • Rudder stocks
  • ATB notch interfaces
  • Cranes
  • Deck winches
  • General grease points

Typical Properties

Mobil SHC Aware Grease EP 2
NLGI Grade
Thickener Type Calcium/Lithium
Color, Visual Amber
ISO Viscosity Grade of Oil 150
Dropping Point, ASTM D 2265, ºC >160
Worked Penetration, ASTM D 217, mm/10 @ 25 °C 280
Water Washout @ 79 ºC, ASTM D 1264, wt% 7
EMCOR Bearing Corrosion in Distilled Water, ASTM D 6138, Rating 0,0
Copper Corrosion, ASTM D 4048, Rating 1b
Four Ball Weld, ASTM D 2596, kgf 400
Four Ball Load Wear Index, ASTM D 2596, kgf 65
Biodegradability of ester base oil, OECD 301B, wt% >60
Aquatic Toxicity, OECD 201, 72h EC50 >1000
Bioaccumulation, OECD 117, Partition Coefficient, log KOW <3
  • Cruise and Ferry
  • Specialized Shipping
  • Deep Sea Shipping Industry
  • Inland and Coastal
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Short Sea Shipping
  • Vessel General Permit VGP
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants EAL
  • High Temperature
  • Wide Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Extended Life
  • Synthetic Grease
  • Cargo shipping port at night

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