bearings of aircraft wheel using premium aviation

We offer a full line of premium aviation greases designed to deliver outstanding protection against wear and corrosion, endure adverse weather conditions and provide excellent performance in extreme temperatures.

Greases play a pivotal role in aviation applications. They are commonly used to protect bearings and support various grease points on aircraft.

ExxonMobil Aviation offers a variety of grease products to support aviation applications:

Mobilgrease™ 33 - high-performance lithium-complex grease designed for general-purpose aircraft use. Provides excellent structural stability and resistance to water wash-out.

Mobilgrease™ 28 - high-performance, wide-temperature, anti-wear grease. Recommended for use on landing wheel assemblies, control systems and actuators, and various bearing applications for airplanes, helicopters and industrial applications.

Mobil™ Aviation Grease SHC 100 - high-performance synthetic grease. Recommended for high speed, heavy load applications such as wheel bearings, as well as for slower speed, high load applications such as landing gear bearings, slides, and joints.

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