Mobil Jet™ oils

Jet Engine delivering unparalleled performance

Today Mobil Jet oils deliver unparalleled performance to more than 11,000 engines across commercial, general, military and land-based applications. They are designed to meet today and tomorrow’s aviation challenges.

Mobil Jet oils are suitable for a wide range of turbine applications in both commercial and military service. They are also suitable for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications.

With Mobil Jet oils, we offer a comprehensive product line designed to meet virtually all of your aircraft engine needs.


 High Performance
Classification (HPC)
High Thermal Stability (HTS)Standard Type II
 Mobil Jet™ Oil 387Mobil Jet™ Oil 254Mobil Jet™ Oil II
Wear Protection••••••••
Corrosion Protection••••••
Deposit Control••••••••
Thermal & Oxidation Stability••••••••
High/Low Temperature Viscosity•••••••••
Oxidation Stability••••••••
Low Temperature Fluidity•••••


Premium           Superior  ••    Ultimate  •••

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Mobil Jet™
Mobil Jet
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