ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200

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ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 joins ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 as part of a new category of marine fuel that has emerged as a result of the 2015 ECA sulphur limit of 0.10 percent. These low sulphur fuels help engineers safely and efficiently operate their main and auxiliary engines and boilers.

It is formulated using a proprietary refining process that removes sulphur, metals and other contaminants. This enables the fuel to comply with the ECA sulphur cap and also helps to optimise the performance of engines and extend component life.

The viscosity of ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is comparable to heavy fuel oil (HFO) enabling similar storage and handling practices. Both fuels require preheating, reducing the risk of thermal shock to engine components during switchovers to comply with the ECA sulphur cap.

The fuel also has a higher flashpoint than marine gas oil (MGO) and is therefore less volatile. This makes it safer to use in boilers as there is a reduced risk of boiler furnace explosions.

While ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is a unique product with advantages over traditional fuel oil, it also meets and exceeds the ISO 8217:2012 RME 180 specification.


  • Higher viscosity compared with MGO resulting in easier fuel switching to HFO
  • Fully compatible with ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 removing comingling issues
  • Low metals and contaminants content resulting in low ash build up and cleaner engines
  • Higher flashpoint compared with MGO providing safer handling in boilers
  • Excellent ignition quality improves cold starts
  • Good lubricity minimises friction and wear 


  • For vessels needing to comply with the 0.10 per cent ECA sulphur cap


  •  Product needs to be stored in heated tanks and treated in heated fuel systems



Density at 15°C (kg/m³)917
Sulfur (wt%)<0.10
KV50 (cSt) at 50°C 67
Flash point (°C)>70
Carbon residue (wt%)<10
Pour point (°C)6-15
Water (vol%)<0.5
Ash (wt%)<0.1
Al + Si  (mg/kg)<10
Sodium (mg/kg)5
Vanadium (mg/kg)1
Total Acid Number (mg KOH/g)<0.1



Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application, following the recommendations provided in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). SDSs are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internet on http://www.exxonmobil.com.This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.

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Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to change without notification.  Typical properties may vary slightly.