Mobil Jet™ Oil CI

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Advanced Full Synthetic Turbine Oil

Product Description

Mobil Jet™ Oil CI is a high performance aircraft-type gas turbine lubricant, based upon the proven Mobil Jet Oil II formulation technology that has been updated to include additional additives for improved protection against rust and corrosion in severe operating environments.  It is fully qualified against the Corrosion Inhibited (CI) classification in the MIL-PRF-23699 specification and approved for use in military and commercial applications that require this level of performance.


Features and Benefits

Mobil Jet Oil II is formulated to meet the demanding requirements of aircraft-type gas turbines operating over a wide range of severe operating conditions, including severe salt water corrosive environments.



Advantages and Potential Benefits

Excellent thermal and oxidation stability

Helps reduce the formation of carbon and sludge deposits

Maintains engine efficiency and extends engine life

Excellent corrosion protection

Protects against rust and corrosion

Helps extend gear and bearing life

Retains viscosity and film strength across wide temperature range

Provides effective lubrication at high operating temperatures

Chemically stable

Helps reduce evaporation losses and lowers oil consumption

Low pour point

Eases start-up in low ambient temperature conditions



Mobil Jet Oil CI is recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft (helicopter) types in commercial and military service. It is also recommended for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications where additional protection against salt water corrosion is required. Mobil Jet Oil CI is approved against the Corrosion Inhibited (CI) classification of U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699. It is also compatible with other synthetic gas turbine lubricants meeting MIL-PRF-23699. However, mixing with other products is not recommended because the blend would result in some loss of the performance characteristics of Mobil Jet Oil CI. Mobil Jet Oil CI is compatible with all metals used in gas turbine construction, as well as with F Rubber (Viton A), H Rubber (Buna N), and silicone seal materials.


Specifications and Approvals

This product has the following approvals:



Properties and Specifications


Color, ASTM D1500


Foam, Sequence III, Tendency, ml, ASTM D892


Change in Kinematic Viscosity, 72 h @ -40 C, %, ASTM D2532


Water, ppm, ASTM E1064


Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 C, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 C, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Kinematic Viscosity @ -40 C, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Total Acid Number, mgKOH/g, ARP 5088


Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, °C, ASTM D92


Pour Point, °C, ASTM D5950


Evaporation Loss, 6.5 h, 204 C, mass%, ASTM D972(mod)


Foam, Sequence I, Tendency, ml, ASTM D892


Foam, Sequence II, Tendency, ml, ASTM D892


Phosphorus, mg/kg, ASTM D5185



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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