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Welcome to our Marine Lubricants website

For over 100 years, our mission has been to provide high-performance lubricants and technical services that enable cost-effective and reliable vessel operation. Explore our range of products and programmes to see how we can help improve your fleet’s performance and profitability.

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Industry Insights
Mobilgard™ 5100, a 100 BN cylinder oil, has been developed in response to the challenge of cold corrosion in new design engines and in earlier designs that have been fuel optimised for part-load and low-load operation. Mobilgard 5100 delivers exceptional acid neutralisation performance, deposit control and oxidation stability to help mitigate cold corrosion.
MobilGard is our flagship range of marine engine oils, offering superior performance and consistent quality. MobilGard oils are backed by over 60 years of engineering excellence and their unique formulation of high quality base stocks and balanced additives has been proven to keep customer businesses running smoothly. MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring can help extend these benefits in two-stroke marine engines and assist in tackling cold corrosion.
The Mobil SHC Aware™ range of high-performance synthetic environmentally acceptable lubricants are specially formulated to provide optimal protection for shipboard equipment affected by the US Vessel General Permit (VGP). Mobil SHC Aware products will help your vessels comply with VGP regulations whilst keeping your equipment protected and performing reliably.

Mobil Delvac 1™

Mobil Delvac 1 high speed lubricants are high-performance synthetic diesel engine oils designed to help extend engine life and protect components at high temperatures.

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