Paving Asphalt C170 TPI

ExxonMobil asphalt , Australia

Viscosity Graded Asphalt Product

Product Description

Paving Asphalt C170 TPI is a viscosity graded asphalt product.

The specifications apply to those asphalt acquired for resale by ExxonMobil through purchase or exchange from third Party supplier.



Paving Asphalt C170 TPI is recommended for road construction. If other applications are considered, then users should conduct appropriate testing before use.


Properties and Specifications

Property Limit Standard Method(a)
Dynamic Viscosity @ 60 C, Pa.s Min-Max ASTM D2171 140-200
Viscosity @ 135°C, Pa.s Min-Max ASTM D4402 0.25-0.45
Penetration, 25C, 100g, 5s, dmm Min ASTM D5 62
Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, °C Min ASTM D92 250
Matter Insoluble in Trichloroethylene, wt% Max ASTM D2042 1.0
Density @ 15 C, kg/m3 Min ASTM D70 REPORT
Viscosity @ 60°C, on ASTM D6 residue, as percentage of original, % Max ASTM D2171 300


Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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