Examples of wax applications including candle wax, tires and boards

ExxonMobil launches new wax product brand: Prowaxx™

More than just a name, Prowaxx™ signals our commitment to product performance, quality and integrity, and the future of the wax business.

Serving the industry for more than 125 years

ExxonMobil is the wax supplier of choice to our customers, providing consistent product quality while ensuring reliable supply for the products we offer.

Where expertise meets reliability

As a producer of fully refined and slack waxes, we bring the full weight of our resources to our customer relationships. We have expertise in the wax business and routinely evaluate changing market needs.

Technology built on wax expertise

Backed by the strength of our resources, we have extensive experience ranging from product safety to performance testing. The product development process, as well as our extensive technical support, are championed by a team of experienced industry experts with leading-edge knowledge. With the support of our toxicology, engineering, analytics and research teams — and world-class testing laboratories across the globe — we help you achieve your business objectives.

Support when you need it most

One of our driving principles is equipping our customers to grow and meet their own goals. Working with our customers, we design our solutions to meet the present demands of the industry while investing in their future success.

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