Paraffin waxes sold by ExxonMobil

Wax type

With a product range of fully refined, semi-refined, and slack waxes, ExxonMobil has the experience and resources to produce a range of consistent, high-quality waxes. Our Prowaxx™ portfolio brings finesse to classic wax products and fuels innovation toward products built for the future of the industry.

Paraffin Wax

  • Fully refined paraffin wax

    Prowaxx™ Fully Refined Waxes

    Our line of fully refined paraffin waxes offers low-, mid- and high-range melting points that have set the standard for the wax industry for more than 60 years.

  • Semi-refined paraffin wax

    Prowaxx™ Semi-refined Waxes

    Used in a broad range of formulas, our semi-refined paraffin wax line are applied to solutions from candle wax to wax coating.

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  • Slack paraffin wax

    Prowaxx™ Slack Waxes

    Our slack paraffin wax line includes paraffin slack waxes with low-, mid- and high-range melting points.

  • Prowaxx™ Hydrofined soft wax

    Prowaxx® Hydrofined soft waxes

    Our hydrofined soft wax line includes ultra-low melt point waxes designed to be used in final wax blends or emulsion.