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Why ExxonMobil Asphalt and Bitumen  

We are one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of asphalt (bitumen) – offering a wide range of base asphalt binders that meet industry specifications. Through our far-reaching manufacturing and supply network, we ensure consistent product quality through:

  • Use of approved feedstock
  • Tight control of manufacturing conditions
  • Extensive product testing

Our production and logistics capabilities – along with a partnership with our experts – will help you with your business needs and help make doing business simpler.

Leading Technology: Excellence through innovation

At ExxonMobil, we are committed to excellence in asphalt technology. And our Asphalt Technical Centers located in each major asphalt supply region around the globe keep us abreast of emerging trends in asphalt technology development.

Asphalt Laboratories

Located worldwide, our base stocks, specialties and asphalt laboratories are equipped to not only carry out asphalt characterization tests, but also run asphalt rheology tests and provide advanced research capability. This covers asphalt processing and end application support such as in polymer modified asphalt and asphalt emulsions. In addition, the laboratories comprise fully-equipped pilot plants that can be used for process and formulation optimization. The facilities include a Biturox unit, a Gyratory compactor for hot mix asphalt and an emulsion colloidal mill preparing emulsions.

Our laboratory teams consist of an ideal mix of talented staff with a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, analytical tests, products knowledge and market needs. We have a global reach that is well integrated with the business functions and places us in a unique position to create a competitive advantage for our manufacturing and marketing business partners.

We review our capabilities and continuously invest in people development and laboratory equipment to be able to meet the future global market needs. We believe in continuous improvement, and with an aim to clarify, simplify and focus, we are well placed to identify and execute technical programs that can add value.

Additionally, our products help enhance the conservation of resources as asphalt road pavements can be recycled. Learn more about how ExxonMobil asphalts supports sustainable operations.

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