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What sets us apart is the experience of our people. Our colleagues hold key positions on industry bodies and present at conferences all over the world: We bring this expertise to all of our partnerships. Tap into these industry insights and presentations and keep your business at the cutting edge of asphalt technology.
  • linear viscoelasticity at 1% strain

    Statistical approach to DSR-PAV test improvement

    “The observation is only as good as the measurement method.” – Learn how poor test resolution could be leading to increased costs for your business.

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  • bitumen breaking index chart

    Influence of bitumen nature and emulsion production parameters on product performance

    Learn how the emulsion parameters of bitumen directly affect product quality in this presentation, that was presented for the first time at the PPRS Nice 2018 during the IBEF symposium.

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  • bitumen health quality graph

    Health quality-assurance approaches for bitumen manufacture and supply

    Discover new ways to have confidence in the health and safety properties of your bitumen in this presentation from the Eurasphault and Eurbitume Congress.

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  • bitumen rheological paving phase angle chart

    Rheological assessment of neat paving, air rectified paving & oxidized roofing bitumen

    Discover how minor differences in rheology of neat and air rectified paving bitumens confirm that air rectification does not significantly alter bitumen composition.

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  • asphalt video

    Turn with confidence

    Learn more about our asphalt manufacturing capabilities.

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  • Tiny asphalt stones

    ExxonMobil asphalt products

    Our global network of refineries can provide you with a reliable supply of a wide range of asphalt products to support your business.

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  • Straight highway through Canadian Rockies


    Sustainability matters for all of us: See how our products can support your sustainability journey.

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