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Improving the customer experience

The ExxonMobil team recognizes that we need to stay focused on improving our supply reliability to help keep our customers moving and growing. Since our last edition of FuelEase we have made a number of investments to try and move the needle on supply reliability.

Recent investments/upgrades:


  • Cross-functional team evaluated the mix of storage tankage and determined we could better meet our customers’ needs by converting an existing gasoline storage tank to a diesel storage tank. This will add approximately 50,000 bbls of diesel storage capacity, allowing us to strengthen our diesel reliability and increase the diesel supply to our customers. Funds have been appropriated and project is underway.
  • Appropriated funds to further strengthen the reliability of our Vapor Recovery Units (VRU), the heartbeat of the terminal. This project will improve upon an already advantaged site with a dual VRU system.

Downtime notification (DTN) communication:

Supply event communication subject lines have been updated for the US to be more clear and concise. The shorter subject lines will better support your awareness of what’s happening with outages for the products and terminals relevant to you. Future system updates will allow us to improve these subject lines even further – stay tuned for details!

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    Ease of doing business

    Whether it’s terminal wait times, customer communication or product availability, we are dedicated to making your experience faster, easier and more efficient.

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    Diesel as a differentiator: The importance of diesel quality for your business

    Choosing the right fuel could ensure your fleet is gaining the maximum benefit from its diesel, including cost savings and improved performance.