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We know that in today’s polystyrene market, you face challenges constantly — new competition, new technologies, new regulations and new markets to supply. Controlling costs while offering quality products is a constant hurdle. For trusted performance and for peace of mind, rely on ExxonMobil white oils.

For more than a century ExxonMobil has produced exceptional white oils and has been a leader with innovative advances.

Throughout our history we have continued to improve our white oils by upgrading our processes and technologies to reach outstanding levels of product quality. Along the way we pioneered the use of catalyst manufacturing technology, and we continue to lead the way in white oil manufacturing, storage and handling.

Primol™ white oils

For more than 30 years the Primol brand has earned a reputation for reliable, quality performance and application compatibility in the polystyrene industry because it can provide:

  • Reliable filling of complex molds
  • Good mold-release properties to help control surface finish
  • Easy transforming
  • Consistent optical and mechanical isotropy in the finished articles

The paraffinic base, low volatility and outstanding purity of Primol products make them ideal in polystyrene applications. They are colorless, transparent oily liquids and are essentially odorless and tasteless. Obtained from petroleum through several refining stages — including an ultimate purification by catalytic hydrogenation — these white oils demonstrate better color and oxidative stability than most mineral and vegetable oils, when stored and used under controlled conditions, due to their chemical inertness.

Primol™ 352 is recommended as a food packaging-grade plasticizer in general purpose and high-impact polystyrene.*

Primol™ 382 is designed to comply with trends in legislation as well as with evolving changes in polystyrene industry demand. It combines low volatility and excellent compatibility with polystyrene for optimal performance in general purpose and high-impact polystyrene grades.*

Primol™ 542 is a 100 cST white oil and is ideal for polystyrene applications with low-transparency requirements. It offers an exceptionally outstanding low volatility, but, due to its high molecular weight, it is best used in grades at relatively low oil content to maintain transparency for general-purpose polystyrene grades.*

Like all of our white oils, Primol products are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure compliance with food and pharmaceutical regulations. You can count on our uncompromising standards of purity, technical excellence and quality when choosing the right white oils for your needs.

*Applications of white oils are subject to the applicable laws and regulations in each country. User must check compliance with applicable regulations.

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  • Red and yellow petri dishes


    ExxonMobil white oils deliver reliable, quality performance in polystyrene applications, with attributes including reliable filling of complex molds, easy transforming, and outstanding purity.

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