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Uncompromising purity and quality  

ExxonMobil is one of the largest global suppliers of white oil. Our commitment to brand and product integrity, availability, and reliability will help you realize supply chain efficiencies and operate with confidence.

We provide high quality white oils for a number of industries.  


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    Adhesives and Elastomers

    White oils play key roles in adhesive and elastomer industries that produce a very broad range of products, from glue to diapers and toys to toothbrushes.

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    ExxonMobil white oils deliver reliable, quality performance in polystyrene applications, with attributes including reliable filling of complex molds, easy transforming, and outstanding purity.

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    Phytosanitary industry

    Marcol™ 82 is what many manufacturers in the industry choose to protect their crops, plants and trees, as well as livestock, from harmful insects and pests.

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    Animal vaccines

    In creating animal vaccines, it’s crucial that the adjuvants used are made with ExxonMobil’s high-quality white oils, which make up as much as 50% of the product.

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    Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

    You can rely on ExxonMobil white oils to consistently provide pure products for your pharmaceutical and cosmetics needs.