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Phytosanitary industry

Protecting crops, plants and trees, as well as livestock, from harmful insects and pests requires products that can do the job while ensuring safety. In the formulation of these products — from pesticides to insecticides to fungicides and other plant-protection compounds — white oils play a key role.

Leading manufacturers choose our Marcol™ 82  for their formulations because it offers the right specifications to be used either as an active ingredient or as a co-formulant. The high purity of Marcol 82, which meets the standards of the Pharmacopoeias, along with its aromatic-free nature, make it ideal for phytosanitary applications.

Its narrow boiling range ensures that lower ends do not evaporate too quickly (with no effect on the application) and that higher ends do not leave carbon deposits.

Marcol 82 has the optimal molecular weight to emulsify and spread efficiently through the application. The excellent solvency of this white oil ensures proper mixture in liquid emulsion and other product ingredients.

Marcol 82 is a popular choice for manufacturers seeking white oil with exceptional purity and quality. It is used in:*

  • Household insecticides
  • Tree-protecting sprays
  • Cattle sprays
  • Crop pesticides
  • Plant sprays

Marcol 82 (CAS number 8042-47-5):

  • Meets requirements of EU regulation 1107/2009
  • Is registered as Pesticide Inert ingredient in USA EPA (40 CFR 180.910 and 40 CFR 180.930)
  • Is European Pharmacopoeia and EPA-compliant
  • Is produced and controlled according to the ExxonMobil Product Quality Management System, EN ISO 9000 or equivalent standard

Like all of our white oils, Marcol 82 is manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure compliance with phytosanitary regulations. You can count on our uncompromising standards of purity, technical excellence and quality when choosing the right white oil for your needs.

*Applications of white oils are subject to the applicable laws and regulations in each country. User must check compliance with applicable regulations.

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