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Investing to improve

At ExxonMobil, we are committed to improving our terminals and providing a reliable supply of high-quality products. We recognize that recent supply challenges may have affected many of you, and we wanted to thank you for your patience and ongoing support. We understand that your time is valuable, and we are continuously working on enhancing efficiencies that increase your terminal experience. We wanted to take the opportunity to share some details about the investments we are making to ensure that you have reliable access to fuel, even when unforeseen issues arise.

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    Recent improvements

    • Nashville Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU): Recently commissioned a new VRU at the Nashville Terminal to improve reliability and support customers’ growth
    • Des Plaines Air Permit Expansion: Installed facilities at the Des Plaines Terminal to allow for higher gasoline throughput at the Loading Rack
    • Constraint Busting/Reliability Study Workshops: To evaluate key site bottlenecks and develop solutions that help increase capacity and keep our customers moving faster through our terminals
    • Global Reliability Management System (GRMS+): System enhancements to further improve quality of data available to make decisions that impact our valued customers at our terminals (e.g., terminal wait times, loading times)

We value your feedback! Your fueling experience is important to us. You can share your feedback with us by:

  • Speaking directly to on-site terminal staff
  • Reaching out to your dedicated ExxonMobil account representative
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    Ease of doing business

    Whether it is terminal wait times, customer communication or product availability, we want to make your experience faster, easier and more efficient.

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  • Mobil Diesel Efficient

    Mobil Diesel Efficient™

    Getting greater fuel efficiency is crucial to a fleet’s financial success. That’s why we developed Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel.

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