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Faster, more accurate fuel-load allocation

ExxonMobil strives to bring you the product you need, when you need it. Our Supply Management Support (SMS) team has developed a new approach to address a common source of difficulty and delay: the need to reactively add volume to customer accounts because of fluctuations in supply and demand.

Introducing proactive GPO

Getting load volumes right can be tricky, and the need to adjust fuel buys after initial purchase and loading can create delays and frustration. With our new proactive GPO (General Product Override) process, the SMS team will adjust customers’ fuel volume based on their loading patterns and allocations. This in turn will reduce:

  • Ad hoc requests for additional volume

  • Customers being locked out from unavailable volume

  • Customer and carrier frustration waiting for GPOs to be approved

  • Driver wait time at the rack

How does proactive GPO work?

  • At the beginning of each business day, an SMS representative performs an analysis of our customers’ loading patterns – for all customers, at all terminals, for all products.

  • We analyze the data and determine if/when a customer will run out of fuel.

  • If a projection indicates the likelihood of a customer’s running out of fuel, the SMS team will proactively provide additional volume. If supply is limited, the team will investigate product availability and approve the increase if they are able to do so.

With this proactive approach, ExxonMobil can help customers and drivers reduce wait time and add value to their business. To learn more, contact your ExxonMobil Sales Representative.

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