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EHC 340 MAX™ – The Clear Choice

ExxonMobil Basestocks is committed to delivering an advanced product slate designed to help you formulate your products better.

EHC 340 MAX™ base stock is part of the Global EHC™ product series designed to help formulate a comprehensive viscosity range of lubricants. EHC 340 MAX containing lubricants show high oxidative stability, a wide temperature range of performance and light color. The outstanding low temperature performance and oxidative stability of EHC 340 MAX enables excellent performance of higher viscosity lubricants in a variety of applications.

Key benefits

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    High viscosity makes EHC 340 MAX a cost-effective replacement to alternative high viscosity base stocks, traditional thickeners and viscosity modifiers

  • Monochrome icon of a flame indicating safe for hot temperatures

    Outstanding oxidative stability

  • Monochrome icon of a thermometer reading a relatively low temperature

    Outstanding low temperature performance

  • Monochrome icon of an oil can

    Light color enables blended products with excellent aesthetic properties

Product data

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    EHC 340 MAX™ Brochure

    Discover technical details and specifications for EHC 340 MAX.

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    Learn more about EHC 340 MAX and the Singapore Resid Upgrade Project enabling its global distribution.

Proven performance

EHC 340 MAX™ formulation value elements1

A table showing the comparison of EHC 340 MAX usage, Rebalance to lower thickener, Lower PPD usage, to Longer lubricant life/lower additive usage and their relationship to automotive gas oils, industrial gear oils, automotive engine oils (heavy grades), grease, and marine CLO. In this comparison, EHC 340 MAX is the best solution in all use cases
1Compared to Grp I bright stock


Property Limit Standard Method(a)
ASTM Color Max ASTM D1500 L1.5
Appearance Min Visual Clear and Bright
Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, °C Min ASTM D92 294
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 C, mm2/s Min-Max ASTM D445 32.5-35.5
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 C, mm2/s Min-Max ASTM D445 460-520
Pour Point, °C Max ASTM D97 -15
Viscosity Index Min-Max ASTM D2270 95-115
Saturate, wt% Min ASTM D7419 98