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Group II/II+ EHC™ base stocks  

We are committed to investing in Group II/II+ products through projects such as the recent expansion of our Baytown refinery, and construction of our Group II facility in Rotterdam. Our current Jurong, Singapore, refinery expansion will offer enhanced-performance EHC™ base stocks in Asia Pacific by 2019 and a further multibillion-dollar investment is slated to begin there in 2023. These refineries allow us to offer formulation and supply chain flexibility around the world

EHC™ base stocks are part of a global Group II slate as defined within API/ATIEL guidelines for formulation and qualification of automotive and engine oil lubricants. With base oil interchange and viscosity grade read-across capabilities, EHC base stocks offer broad coverage that enables supply chain flexibility and simplified qualification testing requirements.

EHC base stocks may also be used in industrial and other applications where formulations benefit from increased oxidation stability and higher viscosity index (VI). Our rigorous processes ensure reliable delivery of consistent quality base stocks.

Key benefits

Consistent quality to help formulators produce high-performance blends that:

  • Meet or exceed industry requirements
  • Achieve optimum additive solubility and oxidation stability
  • Meet or exceed engine oil quality requirements
  • Offer cost savings through blending optimizations
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Major refinery expansions offer

enhanced global supply of enhanced base stocks.
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Standard method (a)
EHC™ 45
EHC™ 50
EHC™ 65
EHC™ 110
EHC™ 120




Clear and bright

Clear and bright Clear and bright Clear and bright Clear and bright
ASTM Color ASTM D1500 Max L0.5 0.5 L0.5 0.5 0.5
CCS Viscosity -25°C mPa*sec ASTM D5293 Max 1550        
CCS Viscosity -20°C mPa*sec ASTM D5293 Max   1700 3100    
Flash Point, COC Deg C ASTM D92 Min 204 210 214 230 255
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C mm2/sec ASTM D445 Min - Max 4.4-4.7 5.2-5.6 6.3-6.6 10.0-12.0 11.1-12.7
Noack Volatility, Procedure B, mass% ASTM D5800-PROB Max 15 15 10    
Pour Point, Deg C ASTM D97 Max -18 -15 -18 -12 -15
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 Min-Max 113-119 110-119 103-109 95-119 105-115


Americas     *   *   *
Europe, Africa and the Middle East       *   * *
Asia Pacific       *   *  

Our products are designed to meet the industry’s evolving specification requirements, providing quality you can rely on today and tomorrow.

For information on EHC Group II base stocks expected after the completion of the Rotterdam and Singapore projects in 2019, please consult this brochure.

(a) In lieu of standard test method, alternate test methods may be used for the certification of a product property.

Note 1: Products are certified on release to meet the values specified. Actual values may deviate within the established reproducibility of the test method specified.

Note 2: For purpose of determining conformance with specification, observed or calculated values shall be rounded off to the nearest unit in the last significant digit used in expressing the limiting value in accordance to the ASTM E 29 method

Health and Safety

Detailed health and safety information for this product is provided in the material safety data sheet (MSDS), available upon request through your local sales representative or from www.ExxonMobil.com

  • Clear base oils in beakers

    EHC 45 and EHC 65 base stocks outperform competitive Group II/III/II+ in tests

    In test after test, 5W-30 lubricants made with EHC 45 & EHC 65 Group II+/II base stocks outperformed competitive blends made with Group II/III or Group II+/II.

    See the results
  • EHC 65 and EHC 45 in petri dish

    Enabling enhanced formulations

    Advanced base oils and lubricants begin with advanced base stocks. Our EHC 45 and EHC 65 base stocks offer broad blend coverage, minimizing the need for Group III.

    Download the brochure
  • factory at night

    EHC™ Group II base stocks expected in 2019

    Click here to download information on the EHC sales specifications and availability expected in 2019 upon completion of the Rotterdam and Singapore refinery expansion projects.

    Download PDF
  • EHC 50 and 110 brochure

    New products for new requirements

    Enhanced Group II EHC™ 50 and EHC™ 110 base stocks will be available in Asia/Pacific in 2019 to meet changing lubricant requirements.

    See the brochure