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Base stock products  

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of base stocks, ExxonMobil is committed to bringing the most efficient production capacity to the marketplace – ensuring long-term, reliable supply of consistent and innovative lubricant base stocks.

Our robust Group I CORE™, Group II/II+ EHC™ and Group IV/V slates provide you with a broad range of base stocks having consistent quality with compatible characteristics that give you confidence in your blends and formulations.

Rely on our slates for:

  • Greater flexibility and business continuity
  • Faster qualification across many products
  • Lubricant product integrity
  • Reduced complexity
  • Cost and time savings through a simplified testing program
  • Optimized additive treatments when compared to using base stocks outside a manufacturer's declared slate

Learn more about our available product groups below.

  • Group I base stocks

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    Through industry-leading base stock technologies and innovations, our quality Group I products – including Americas CORE™ and AP/E CORE™ – are designed to help you consistently meet formulation requirements. 

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  • Group II/II+ base stocks

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    Our high-quality EHC™ base stocks – delivered reliably and with consistent product quality – offer targeted performance capabilities to meet a broad range of blending needs. 

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  • Synthetic base stocks

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    We offer an innovative portfolio of synthetic base stocks you can rely on to meet your toughest formulation challenges.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa
Asia Pacific

Group I Slates - Main

Americas CORE™



Group I Slates - Complementary

Americas SN 330


AP/E SN 500

Group I Specialty Americas SN 800 SN 800
Canthus 1000
Group II/II+ EHC™ 45
EHC™ 65

EHC™ 50
EHC™ 110

EHC™ 50
EHC™ 110

For more information, please search by PDS or contact us.

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    Where to Buy

    As a global producer of Group I and Group II base stocks, our supply chain optimization begins with our global manufacturing and reach, designed to simplify your logistics needs.

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