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From our ongoing Group I commitment to our increased production of Group II/II+ base stocks and beyond, we’re investing in a range of smartly designed global slates that secure consistent supply when and where you need it. In a world of evolving lubricant demands, ExxonMobil stands ready to support the changing base oil needs of your business, today and tomorrow.

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    Basestocks featured news

    As a leader in the global base oils industry, ExxonMobil continually offers breakthrough insights through exclusive videos, articles, conference presentations and much more.

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    Assessing base oil supply and demand

    Find out what’s driving the shift in demand from Group I to Group II base oils – and how changing demand will affect base oil supplies – in an F+L Magazine interview with ExxonMobil Product Solutions Business Venture Executive, Shaara Blome.

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    The benefits of Group I base oils in a shifting market

    Even as global production of Group II base oils increases, the need for Group I base oils remains strong due to their unique properties. Learn more in a Lubes’n’Greases magazine article featuring ExxonMobil Product Development Advisor, Tim Nadasdi.

Base stocks product groups

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    Group I CORE™, complementary and specialty base stocks

    Learn about our CORE™ and specialty Group I base stocks, designed to offer broad blending coverage with performance capabilities in applications ranging from engine oils to industrial and marine lubricant.

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    Group II base stocks

    Learn about our Group II/II+ EHC™ base stocks, designed to meet a wide spectrum of customer performance objectives and evolving industry requirements.

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    Synthetic base stocks

    Innovate confidently with support from a global leader empowering your success.