Image of technicians developing group base stocks

Group base stock slates and global supply

Learn more about the global supply of our Group I and Group II/II+ base stock slates and where to find them.

Map of Group 1 base oils and Group II base oils around the world

Group I/II/II+ base stocks global supply

Explore our base stocks worldwide network of refineries, terminals and distributors, all working to deliver a reliable global supply so you can blend consistent formulations.

Image of Group I base stocks model for America CORE

Group I base stocks, Americas CORE™

Learn about the benefits of ExxonMobil CORE base stocks, designed to offer broad base oil blending coverage with performance capabilities in applications ranging from engine oils to industrial lubricants.

Image of Group II base oils brochure and base stock models

Group II+ base stocks: EHC™ 45 and EHC™ 65, Enabling enhanced formulations

Discover the advantages of Group II+ base stocks, EHC 45 and EHC 65, part of our global Group II base stocks slate for formulation and qualification of automotive lubricants.

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