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In our commitment to providing relevant industry topics throughout the global base oils industry, we continually offer breakthrough insights through exclusive videos, articles, conference presentations and much more.

  • Key questions to ask your base stock supplier

    Key questions to ask your base stock supplier

    Read our article in Lubes’n’Greases to find out what questions formulators should ask base stock manufacturers — beyond price.

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  • David Parsons interview

    Infineum Insight talks to ExxonMobil Basestocks

    Infineum Insight recently sat down with ExxonMobil’s David Parsons and Tim Nadasdi to discuss the challenges they see ahead in the increasingly complex global base oils market, changing supply and demand, opportunities for growth and more.

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  • Sammi NG

    Singapore expansion insider — Sammi Ng

    Find out how Regional Market Development Advisor Sammi Ng and her team are working with customers to prepare for the startup of ExxonMobil’s Singapore integrated manufacturing complex.

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  •  Singapore refinery for base stocks.

    The history of Group II base oils

    Learn about ExxonMobil’s role in the development of Group II base oils in the 25th anniversary issue of Lubes’n’Greases magazine.

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  • Low quality and high quality base stock.

    Four attributes to consider when choosing a base stock

    Watch our Knowledge Base video to learn about the four most important performance attributes to consider when choosing a base stock for your finished lubricant.

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  • Base oil trends in Africa.

    Base oil trends in Africa

    Get important insights into the used vehicle trends impacting base oil requirements in Africa from a Lubezine Magazine article by ExxonMobil’s Rakesh Vyas and Najib Aragrag.

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  • speakers sitting at a conference

    Base stocks trends, challenges and opportunities

    Learn about global base stocks trends and their impacts in the ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference keynote interview with David Parsons, ExxonMobil Global Basestocks and Specialties Sales Manager.

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  • basestock business article

    How base stocks drive business performance

    Learn how choosing the right base stocks can drive value for your business in a Lube Magazine article by Jeff Biamonte, ExxonMobil Basestocks Global Product Development Manager.

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  • basestock supplier article

    What to ask your base stocks supplier

    There are three key questions you should ask your base stocks supplier – beyond price. Find out in our Knowledge Base video.

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  • Singapore refinery for fuels and lubes.

    Assessing base oil supply and demand

    Find out what’s driving the shift in demand from Group I to Group II base oils – and how changing demand will affect base oil supplies – in an F+L Magazine interview with ExxonMobil Fuels and Lubricants Business Venture Executive, Shaara Blome.

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  • Baton Rouge Refinery at daytime.

    The benefits of Group I base oils in a shifting market

    Even as global production of Group II base oils increases, the need for Group I base oils remains strong due to their unique properties. Learn more in a Lubes’n’Greases magazine article featuring ExxonMobil Product Development Advisor, Tim Nadasdi.

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  • shaara blome bio

    Singapore expansion insider – Shaara Blome

    In our exclusive interview, ExxonMobil’s Shaara Blome talks about her background, her role in the expansion of our Singapore refinery and why she’s excited to help meet the needs of customers in the region.

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  • Clara Rodrigue in the value of base stock slates video.

    The value of base stock slates

    What exactly are base stock slates? What advantages do they offer to marketers, formulation developers and OEMs? How do you choose a quality slate? Get answers to those questions and more in a new video featuring ExxonMobil Engineer, Clara Rodrigue.

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  • Singapore refinery

    July 2019 – Rotterdam Refinery receives official ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    Learn more about the latest important milestone for our expanded refinery as it received official ISO 9001:2015 certification, recognizing the systems in place that help give our customers peace of mind.

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  • ships at sea

    IMO 2020 – Group I readiness

    Learn more about the future of the marine industry, and impact on base stocks, with the approaching IMO 0.50% sulfur limit.

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  • Shaara presenting ICIS

    ICIS Asia: Impact of additional global capacity on Asia

    Watch or download a presentation by Shaara Blome, Business Venture Executive for Basestocks and Specialties, on the topic, "Group II: Impact of additional global capacity on Asia.”

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  • Hock-Lye Keow  supply chain manager for basestocks in the Asia and Pacific region.

    Singapore expansion insider – Hock-Lye Keow

    Get Asia-Pacific Supply Chain Manager Hock-Lye Keow’s insider view of our Singapore refinery base stocks expansion project, which will bring increased supply of enhanced base stocks to Asia-Pacific.

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  • Daniel Tan headshot

    Singapore expansion insider – Daniel Tan

    In the latest in our series, Daniel Tan, construction manager for the Singapore expansion, answers questions about the challenges and opportunities of the Singapore refinery expansion.

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  • Ship in bay

    Parallel perspectives – IMO 2020

    The video series that brings you two insightful views on one big issue for the industry. This episode looks at IMO 2020 and its impact on the base oils industry.

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  • ICIS logo

    Group I and Group II – Optimizing capabilities vs requirements

    Watch or download a presentation from ICIS Pan-American 2018 by Mohamed El Assar, ExxonMobil Global Development Manager for Basestocks and Specialties, on the topic "Group I and Group II – Optimizing capabilities vs. requirements".

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  • exxonmobil industrial gears and molecules with copy

    Setting the market up for success

    Watch a presentation from ICIS Africa 2018 by Mohamed El Assar, ExxonMobil Global Development Manager for Basestocks and Specialties, on the topic "Group I and Group II: Setting the market up for success".

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  • Vipin Rana headshot

    Singapore expansion insider – Vipin Rana

    Vipin Rana, Asia Pacific Basestocks and Specialties Sales Manager, answers questions about what makes the Singapore refinery expansion so exciting.

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  • Brian Henderson headshot

    Singapore expansion insider

    Get a quick inside view of the Singapore expansion project from Brian Bade, Project Manager, Singapore Expansion.

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  • Hurricane Harvey Aid

    Hurricane Harvey: One year later

    We reflect on the challenges faced by base stock customers and ExxonMobil colleagues, the lessons learned and the planning involved in preparing for any situation that could impact our operations.

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  • KRC research exxonmobil

    2018 Industry Pulse Report

    Dive into our inaugural report – the first of its kind – on industry trends, and how they affect perceptions across Group I, Group II and Group III.

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  • Nick Hilder Presents at 22nd ICIS Conference

    A smarter approach to developing engine tests

    In his keynote presentation at ICIS London 2018, Nick Hilder shared his thoughts on how the industry can benefit from more efficient engine test developments.

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  • PanAm Conference

    Delivering industry-wide value through base stock interchange

    In his keynote presentation at ICIS Pan-American 2017, Rick Dougherty presented the history of base stock interchange and how its guideline principles are being applied with API.

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  • ICIS London Ted Walko Kenote

    Current and future Group II slate growth plans

    At ICIS London 2017, Ted Walko discussed "The role of Group II in Europe" and how base oil and lubricant manufacturers benefit from it.

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  • ICIS Asia 2017 Duncan Connolly Keynote

    New implications for base stocks manufacturers

    In his keynote presentation at ICIS Asia 2017, Duncan Connolly presented an overview of base oil industry trends in Asia, and discussed how understanding these complexities is critical to staying ahead.

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  • ICIS London Presentation from Ted Walko

    Staying competitive through the short and long term

    In his keynote presentation at ICIS Pan-American 2016, Mike Zamora presented the global refining outlook, its impact on base stocks, and what it takes to remain competitive in the industry.

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  • Rotterdam Refinery Expansion construction with consturction workers

    Rotterdam refinery expansion

    Stay updated with our progress at Rotterdam, where our investment is paving the way to a new future of global lubricant demands.

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