Hydrocracker PARs installed at ExxonMobil Rotterdam Refinery

Installation of pre-assembled racks at Rotterdam now complete

ROTTERDAM, June 2017 - Following ExxonMobil’s latest update on the successful heavy lift of the reactors and vacuum fractionation tower, the pre-assembled racks (PARs), for the new hydrocracker, have been installed at the Rotterdam refinery. Manufactured in Spain, the PARs were shipped by water to the Rotterdam refinery during mid-May this year.

Often referred to as the ‘spine’ of the hydrocracker, together, the PARs weigh roughly 2200 tons. The heaviest PAR weighed an impressive 500 tons and its installation marked the completion of the heavy lift portion of the construction campaign. Now that the onsite PARs have been installed, further piping and instrumentation work can commence.

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