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  • China Distributor

    March, 2024 - ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and EMB (Shanghai) Petrochemical Co. Ltd strike south China distributor partnership

    ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. has appointed EMB (Shanghai) Petrochemical Co. Ltd, a joint venture between Quality Logistic Services Australia (QLSA) and SBC Petrochemical, as its base stocks distributor for South China.

  • ExxonMobil Singapore basestocks refinery

    June, 2022 – Singapore Resid Upgrade Project 

    The Singapore Resid Upgrade Project will expand large-scale production of ExxonMobil’s global EHC™ Group II slate to meet growing demand for high-performance lubricants in the Asia-Pacific region. 

  • Two men sit in front of a laptop in a business meeting

    October, 2020 – ExxonMobil Basestocks Extends Branded Distributor Network into Malaysia

    Read about how the appointment of Quality Logistics Services Asia will give Malaysia-based blenders easy access to ExxonMobil’s Group I and Group II/II+ base stocks.

  • Singapore refinery

    June 2019 - ExxonMobil completes Singapore expansion to enhance Group II base stocks supply

    Learn how the completion of the Singapore refinery expansion enhances global supply of advanced Group II base stocks.

  • Singapore basestocks refinery expansion

    April 2019 – ExxonMobil to proceed with multibillion-dollar expansion of Singapore refinery

    Learn how ExxonMobil’s announcement of a further multibillion-dollar investment in Singapore will expand production to meet growing demand of high-value products.

  • rotterdam facility

    February 2019 – ExxonMobil ships Group II base stocks from Rotterdam on time, reaffirms commitment to global supply of high-quality product

    On-spec production begins on time at the expanded Rotterdam refinery, providing the first-ever large-scale supply of European-made Group II base stocks.

  • final-stage-rotterdam-expansion

    November 2018 – ExxonMobil implements final measures at its Rotterdam refinery to expand Group II production

    Learn about several key developments at the Rotterdam refinery as it moves towards full stream production in the first quarter of 2019.

  • View of Rotterdam refinery at night

    September 2018 – Global supply network expansion announced with new European terminal

    A new world-class 3P hub terminal in Valencia, Spain, will support the broad offer available from the new Rotterdam refinery.

  • Aerial shot of Singapore plant

    June 2018 - ExxonMobil to expand production of high-quality lubricant base stocks and fuels in Singapore

    Learn more about how this multi-billion dollar project will increase global supply of high-quality base stocks.

  • KRC research exxonmobil

    May 2018 – First of its kind ExxonMobil Pulse Report analyzes key trends in base stocks today

    Our inaugural Pulse Report, based on conversations with blenders, formulators and key decision makers, analyzes some of the most important trends in base oils today.

  • turbine close up

    May 2018 - Esso Italiana reached agreement to sell Augusta refinery and associated terminals: Base stocks and Wax business relationships continue

    Read more about the announcement regarding the agreement between Esso Italiana and the Algerian state oil company, SONATRACH.

  • Two people shaking hands

    April 2018 – ExxonMobil Basestocks strengthens branded distributor network with Zestcor in South Africa

    Learn about our new distribution partnership with Zestcor, which will ensure local access to our base stocks products throughout South Africa and the sub-Saharan region.

  • Pump at Basestock refinery in singapore

    April 2018 – ExxonMobil completes heavy lift of new lubes reactor at its Singapore refinery

    Get the details on our new 800-ton lubes reactor — recently installed on site — which is a critical component of our ongoing Singapore expansion project in Jurong.

  • Skyline of exxonmobil rotterdam refinery during the daytime

    February 2018 – ExxonMobil bolsters global EHC Group II slate with addition of new heavy neutral base stock for Americas and EAME markets

    We're expanding our global EHC™ Group II slate offering with EHC™ 120 heavy neutral base stock, to be manufactured in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Baytown, Texas.

  • Exxon Base stocks Refinery Expansion

    December 2017 – ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam refinery expansion continues on schedule

    Learn about our project’s safe and efficient progress in this LUBE Magazine interview of Rolando Garcia, project executive of the Rotterdam expansion project.

  • Base stocks expansion projects

    November 2017 – The challenges of managing base stocks expansion projects

    We’ve answered your biggest questions about challenges in managing global base stock expansion projects. Check out our responses in this shareable print edition captured by Lubes’N’Greases.

  • Car turning through bend

    October 2017 – The rise of Group II: New workhorse for the global base stock industry

    Dive deeper into the global trends of the base stocks market with Infineum Insights, and discover the drivers behind investments in increased Group II capacity.

  • Cars on Freeway

    October 2017 – The role of Group II base stocks in Europe

    Learn how base oil and lubricant manufacturers will benefit from local Group II supply in Ted Walko’s LUBE Magazine article.

  • Hydrocracker PARs installed at ExxonMobil Rotterdam Refinery

    June 2017 – Installation of pre-assembled racks at Rotterdam now complete

    The heaviest PAR weighed an impressive 500 tons and its installation marked the completion of the heavy lift portion of the construction campaign.

  • ExxonMobil completes heavy lift of vacuum fractionation tower at Rotterdam Refinery

    April 2017 – ExxonMobil completes heavy lift of vacuum fractionation tower and reactors at Rotterdam refinery

    About 50 meters long and — with added platforms — 11 meters wide, the vacuum fractionation tower is the largest piece of equipment placed on the foundation.

  • Groundbreaking of plant

    April 2017 – Interview with Ted Walko

    Ted Walko, ExxonMobil Global Basestocks and Specialties Marketing Manager, talks to the editor of LUBE Magazine about his thoughts on future developments across ExxonMobil and the base oils industry.

  • Exxon Mobil Basestocks Refinery in Singapore

    February 2017 – ExxonMobil Singapore refinery to expand Group II base stock production

    Our Singapore refinery will support the production of the company’s EHC™ Group II base stocks, which will strengthen the global supply of these products and enhance the facility’s competitiveness throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Shanghai traffic

    February 2017 – The challenges of marketing a base stock

    In this Lube Magazine feature, Keith Waddell, ExxonMobil Basestocks and Specialties Product Management Support, offers insights into how to successfully navigate the base oils business.

  • Managers at plant

    February 2017 – ExxonMobil Singapore to make more Group II

    Read how our Singapore refinery will strengthen the global supply of high-quality EHC™ base stocks.

  • Hydrocracker reactors at port

    December 2016 – ExxonMobil Rotterdam refinery update: Three new hydrocracker reactors arrive

    The reactors — in height varying from 25 meters to more than 30 meters and with a diameter of 4.5 meters — were built in Italy and subsequently shipped to Rotterdam for successful installation in early 2017.

  • Vacuum fractionation tower in port

    November 2016 – ExxonMobil Rotterdam refinery update: First piece of major equipment for new hydrocracker arrives

    The vacuum fractionation tower for our new hydrocracker arrived in Rotterdam, Netherlands, by barge in October 2016. It was built in Belgium and is about 50 meters long and 9 meters wide.

  • Group II basestocks plant

    October 2016 – Expert Insight into the industry’s most talked-about trend: the growing use of Group II base stocks

    Learn about Group II history, trends and outlook as well as long-term impact in the base oils industry.

  • View of Hydrocracker in the Rotterdam refinery at night

    June 2016 – Construction begins on new hydrocracker at Rotterdam refinery

    The project, valued at more than US$1 billion, builds on previous strategic investments at the Rotterdam site and will produce Group II base stocks and diesel to meet global customer needs.

  • Rotterdam Hydrocracker facility

    October 2015 – Refinery expansion to produce higher-value products

    The EHC™ Group II base stocks and ultra-low sulfur diesel that will be produced at Rotterdam are designed to help lubricant blenders achieve greater formulation flexibility and simplify global qualification testing.

  • View of Singapore chemical facility in the evening

    June 2015 – Expanding Singapore base stock facility

    We’re serving the market with additional capacity following the completion of our Singapore lubricant base stock refinery expansion earlier this year to produce additional EHC™ Group II base stocks.

  • ExxonMobil Chemical plant in Baytown, Texas

    April 2015 – Increasing US production of base stocks with refinery expansion

    The products produced at Baytown can help blenders achieve greater formulation flexibility, simplified global qualification testing and enhanced product integrity.

  • View of Rotterdam refinery at night

    February 2015 – Plan to produce Group II base stocks at Rotterdam refinery

    The base stocks to be produced at Rotterdam are designed to meet evolving industry requirements and help lubricant blenders achieve greater formulation flexibility and simplify global qualification testing.

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