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ExxonMobil completes heavy lift of new lubes reactor at its Singapore refinery

  • The new lubes reactor serves as a crucial piece of equipment for ExxonMobil’s ongoing expansion project at its Singapore Refinery in Jurong
  • The expansion will implement quality improvements designed to help customers meet future finished lubricant specifications and achieve short and long-term cost savings
  • Project continues to progress towards its scheduled completion in the second quarter of 2019 

SINGAPORE – ExxonMobil announced today that it has successfully completed the heavy lift of a new lubes reactor at its Singapore Refinery in Jurong. The reactor is a crucial piece of equipment tied to ExxonMobil’s ongoing expansion project to increase production of high-quality EHC™ base stocks, which are designed to meet new and upcoming finished lubricant and base oil specifications, including ILSAC GF-6, API SP and API CK-4/FA-4.

Enabling advantaged applications, particularly in the automotive sector, these quality improvements will help customers achieve short-term cost savings through base oil blending optimizations and long-term savings through reformulation.

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ requirements by offering industry-leading, reliable supplies of our CORE™ Group I and EHC Group II base stocks,” said Vipin Rana, Asia Pacific Basestocks and Specialties Sales Manager. “Our continued investment demonstrates our long-term focus on the business and commitment to meeting the growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region.”

The new lubes reactor, weighing 800 tons, 46 meters long and four meters wide, was one of the largest and heaviest lifts in recent years at the Singapore Refinery. The lift was completed earlier this year using a 1,200-ton gantry crane and 600-ton tailing crane.

“The journey to the reactor’s final location within the refinery was not an easy path,” said Brian Bade, Singapore Lubes Expansion Project Manager. “In order to complete the numerous 90-degree turns, we had to install a temporary bridge and support critical flare lines utilizing a unique telescopic jack design. The lift to install the reactor was an impressive milestone that was made possible by working closely with our contract partners and various Singapore government agencies.”

Last October, transportation of the reactor began with a 5,500-kilometer journey from Larsen & Toubro’s facility in Hazira, India. ExxonMobil shipped the reactor from Adani Hazira Port to the Jurong-Hong Hang Port, where it arrived after nearly two weeks of land and sea travel.

After its arrival in Singapore, the reactor was sent by road to the refinery. Despite the short distance of just six kilometers, the entire land transport operation took six hours. The reactor operation was carried out in the middle of the night at just one kilometer an hour to minimize public disruption. This safe and flawless reactor lift operation, was the outcome of over a year of detailed engineering studies, planning, and nearly 10 months of site construction preparatory work by the project team.

The refinery expansion project continues to progress towards its scheduled completion in the second quarter of 2019. When completed, ExxonMobil will strengthen its global supply of EHC Group II base stocks, enhancing the Singapore site’s competitiveness.

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