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Basestocks Strategic Accounts Executive Nick Harris speaks at the 2023 ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference.

Issue #20, June 2023

  • Takeaways from the 2023 ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference
  • Argus Base Oils Conference Keynote: ExxonMobil sees growth despite disruptions
  • Join us at ILMA’s annual meeting this October in Palm Springs, CA

Dramatic refinery photo with worker looking on

Issue #19, December 2022

  • Takeaways from the 2022 ICIS Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference
  • Enhanced EHC™ 45 base stock furthers product slate offerings
  • Hindsight is 2022: A letter from the VP of Basestocks & Waxes


Issue #18, September 2022

Want to know what's next for the lubes industry? Learn about how our Singapore Resid Upgrade Project is advancing towards 2025 start up, how to navigate current challenges for future success, and more here.

motorcycle reliability

Issue #17, December 2021

Learn how to maximize motorcycle reliability with quality lubricant formulations, get guidance on navigating base stock interchange guidelines, watch a recording of our latest webinar, "Enabling high-performing lubricants with Group II/II+ EHC™ base stock.", and more. 

  • Marine Container Ship

    Issue #16, September 2021

    Find out how Marine Supply Coordinator Nicholas Yap navigates challenges to deliver quality products to our customers, learn about the advantages of using Group II/II+ EHC™ base stocks in heavy-duty engine oil formulations, and more.

  • Victor Martinez

    Issue #15, June 2021

    Read Lube magazine’s Q&A with Victor G. Martinez, Global Basestocks and Specialties Sales Director; listen to The Main Column podcast’s interview with Laura Pottorf, Global Basestocks and Specialties Marketing Manager; meet four women in engineering at ExxonMobil Basestocks; and more.

  • A picture of the expansion with a note stating, "The foundation for this ambitious expansion required 20,000 cubic yards of concrete.".

    Issue #14, April 2021

    Watch our presentation from the virtual 2021 ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, discover the advantages of using Group II/II+ EHC™ base stocks in high-performance passenger car motor oil (PCMO) formulations, learn how Basestocks Supply Coordinator Mary Jordan Carpenter helps customers keep their operations running efficiently, and more.

  • A group of beakers filled with some substance.

    Issue #13, December 2020

    Learn how Advanced EHC™ Group II/II+ base stocks offer excellent resistance to oxidation, watch a video about the unique properties of Group I base oils, listen to a Hydrocarbon Processing podcast with Rick Dougherty, Chief of Basestocks and Specialties Engineer, and more.

  • David Parsons interview

    Issue #12, June 2020

    Watch Infineum Insight’s in-depth interview with ExxonMobil Basestocks’ David Parsons and Tim Nadasdi, learn more about the latest expansion of our Singapore integrated manufacturing complex, find out about the four most important performance attributes to consider when choosing a base stock, plus much more.

  • speakers sitting at a conference

    Issue #11, May 2020

    Watch the keynote interview from the 24th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference, find out the three most important questions to ask your base stocks supplier, learn how to choose the right base stock for your application and more.

  • millionaire woman

    Issue #10, January 2020

    Read about what it takes to pull off the multibillion-dollar expansion of our Singapore refinery, watch a video on the value of base stock slates, get insights on shifting supply and demands, and find out why Africa is an emerging base stocks market.

  • Singapore refinery

    Issue #9, October 2019

    Read about the Rotterdam refinery expansion reaching a critical milestone and download an article from Lube Magazine to learn how Group II production in Rotterdam is changing base stock supplies.

  • View of the Baytown, TX refinery at night

    Issue #8, July 2019

    Learn about the completion of the Singapore refinery expansion, and a further multibillion dollar planned expansion. Hear from our experts on the impact of IMO 2020 on the marine industry.

  • View of the Baytown, TX refinery at night

    Special: Rotterdam is ready, May 2019

    Get all the exciting details as our Rotterdam refinery expansion comes online, bringing world-scale Group II/II+ production to Europe for the first time.

  • View of the Baytown, TX refinery at night

    Issue #7, March 2019

    Yvonne van der Laan of the Rotterdam Port Authority discusses the impact of the refinery expansion, and we discuss parallel perspectives on IMO 2020.

  • Robbert Roozendaal and Pascal de Bast Thiers headshots

    Issue #6, November 2018

    ExxonMobil employees Robbert Roozendaal and Pascal de Bast Thiers discuss the excitement of completing the Rotterdam expansion on time and on spec, and we offer exciting results from key EHC™ testing.

  • Headshot of ExxonMobil employee

    Issue #5, September 2018

    ExxonMobil employees Rob Sherman and Eric Joseck discuss the supply implications of the Rotterdam expansion and we bring news of key EHC™ product enhancements

  • Video screenshot

    Issue #4, May 2018

    ExxonMobil employees Tarek Elsolh and David Blain talk about the importance of continued Group I base oil supply as part of our Parallel perspectives video series.

  • Interviewees of taking stock newsletter

    Issue #3, February 2018

    Get an inside look at our Rotterdam refinery expansion, from the point of view of Exxon employees Guy Tomsyck and Amr Abou Eita, from our “In the Spotlight” video series.

  • Rick Dougherty

    Issue #2, November 2017

    Watch our first installment of the “Parallel perspectives” video series, featuring two expert opinions on how we meet stringent automotive oil specifications around the world.

  • ExxonMobil completes heavy lift of vacuum fractionation tower at Rotterdam Refinery

    Issue #1, July 2017

    Read an exclusive LUBE Magazine interview with our Global Basestocks and Specialties Marketing Manager Ted Walko and download our ICIS Asia 2017 presentation.

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  • View of the Baytown TX refinery at night

    Basestock products

    As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of base stocks, ExxonMobil is committed to ensuring long-term, reliable supply of consistent and innovative lubricant base stocks.