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Enabling excellence with EHC™ 45 and EHC™ 65 base stocks

Our proprietary MSDW™ and Maxsat™ processing catalysts produce base stocks with exceptional low-temperature and oxidative-stability performance to help you and your business succeed.

Our Group II+ EHC 45 and Group II EHC 65 base stocks are part of our global Group II slate for formulation and qualification of automotive lubricants. With base oil interchange (BOI) and viscosity-grade read-across (VGRA) capabilities, our EHC base stock slate offers broad blend coverage and simplified qualification testing across the globe.

This slate was designed with the low-temperature properties, volatility and viscosities needed to cover a wide range of 5W to 15W engine oils.

  • EHC 45 is designed for blending 5W and heavier passenger car motor oils.
  • EHC 65 is ideal for heavy-duty engine oils and optimizes 15W-40 blending by minimizing the need for additional higher-viscosity components while maintaining low volatility.
  • Together, they enable important emerging grades, such as heavy-duty 10W-30.

Both EHC 45 and EHC 65 meet the industry’s evolving engine specification requirements, providing quality you can depend on today and tomorrow.

*Based on 5W-30 lubricant comparisons in ASTM D7528 Bench Oxidation Tests using a GF-5 market general additive package; 5W-30 lubricants blended at equivalent KV at 100°C and CCS at -30°C.

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    EHC™ base stocks

    Advanced lubricants begin with advanced base stocks. Our EHC 45 and EHC 65 base stocks offer broad blend coverage, minimizing the need for Group III..

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    As a global producer of Group I and Group II base stocks, our supply chain optimization begins with our global manufacturing and reach, designed to simplify your base oil logistics needs.

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