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Singapore expansion insider – Shaara Blome

The ExxonMobil team has completed the base stocks expansion project in Jurong, Singapore, to improve the quality of EHC™ base stocks in Asia Pacific. Additionally, ExxonMobil has recently announced the final investment decision on a multibillion-dollar expansion of its integrated manufacturing complex in Singapore to convert bottom-of-the-barrel crude products into higher-value lube base stocks and cleaner fuels.

There are numerous men and women who are giving their all to make both projects a success. Learn from one of our own, Shaara Blome, as she shares her perspective on the recent completion of one expansion effort and the upcoming start of another at the Singapore integrated complex.

Q: What are your specific responsibilities for the latest multibillion-dollar investment?

As the Business Venture Executive, I am accountable for the non-facilities-related aspects of ensuring the venture is executed successfully. This scope includes both site planning and market planning.

In site planning, efforts are focused on ensuring our molecule management systems and feed models are robust for the new site so that our products meet our targeted specifications and the market’s needs. There are a few external interfaces that are absolutely critical to the success of the venture, so external interface management is another vital element of site planning.

Market planning encompasses sales, marketing and supply chain activities across our Basestocks and Fuels businesses to successfully place our new products with customers and in markets. And, of course, there is strong integration with the teams developing and qualifying the two proprietary technologies that the project will be deploying.

Q: Are the projects in Singapore the first time you’ve been involved in a downstream or chemical expansion project?

I have experience from previous roles in Basestocks and Specialties with refinery expansion projects. As Americas Basestocks and Specialties Sales Manager, I was involved with the Baytown Lubes Expansion project, which started up in 2015. Subsequently, as Global Supply Manager and then Global Product Manager, I supported the Rotterdam Hydrocracker Project that started up earlier this year.

The saying “it takes a village” applies to major projects like this. We have a very talented and diverse team, in both work experience and cultural background, whom we are relying on to ensure we successfully deliver our venture on time, on spec and on budget.

The saying “it takes a village”
applies to major projects like this.
The saying it takes a village applies to major projects like this.

Q: What is most exciting for you when it comes to the recent multibillion-dollar investment announcement?

This investment is a cornerstone for the Singapore integrated complex to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the site while supporting growth in the Asia Pacific region through production of high-quality Group II base stocks and cleaner fuels.

Upgrading resid to high-value Group II base stocks and cleaner fuels will improve the site’s earning potential, and being in the Asia Pacific region – where demand for both lubes and fuels is growing – will allow me to be in the heart of the action.

Q: What is the driving force for ExxonMobil’s investments at the Singapore complex, and what do you hope it will be known for in the future?

Our customers’ needs are central to everything we do. According to ExxonMobil's Outlook for Energy from 2017 to 2040, liquids demand transportation is forecast to grow in Asia Pacific, rising 40% for commercial transportation, which includes heavy-duty, marine, aviation and rail. The high growth in heavy-duty and other commercial transportation, along with the focus on energy efficiency and emissions reduction, is the driving force behind the need for higher quality lubricants, and hence more Group II for our customers.

Following this venture startup in 2023, I expect that the Singapore integrated complex will be known for the innovative products it will produce to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, I believe it will be recognized as an efficient and cost-competitive site that will contribute to energy solutions for Singapore and the world.

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