Aerieal photo of Rotterdam refinery

Rotterdam refinery expansion

The future of base stocks in Europe has arrived with the start of commercialization at our newly expanded Rotterdam refinery. The Rotterdam expansion project delivers the first ever world-scale Group II production in Europe, bringing a reliable supply of advanced EHC™ Group II/II+ base stocks for lubricant innovators globally.
  • Rotterdam Refinery Drone Shot

    Rotterdam from the air

    Fly over the refinery and see the improvements for yourself in this exciting drone footage.

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  • Rotterdam Port Authority pics

    In the spotlight

    Get inside views of the expansion project from key stakeholders in our exclusive video series.

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  • Rotterdam Refinery Numbers Shot

    Numbers stack up

    Big projects mean big milestones. See the incredible facts and figures behind the expansion in this short video.

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Big things are happening

Watch this video for an in-depth look at the monumental milestones we've achieved at our Rotterdam refinery expansion project.

The road to startup

It’s a new day …

See team interviews discussing the completion of the project and the beginning of world-scale Group II production in Europe.

Road to Startup Timeline

  • Rotterdam facility

    Rotterdam is ready

    Learn how the completion of the expansion project is the beginning of a new day for base stocks in Europe.

  • final-stage-rotterdam-expansion

    ExxonMobil implements final measures at its Rotterdam refinery

    Several key developments have been made at the Rotterdam refinery as it moves towards full stream production in the first quarter of 2019.

  • group of test tubes

    Meeting your evolving needs

    Learn how our advanced EHC™ 50 and EHC™ 120 base stocks help lubricant manufacturers across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond develop new sales opportunities and meet growing technical demand for Group II/II+ base oil.

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