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Singapore refinery expansion  

To help base oil and lubricant manufacturers in Asia-Pacific meet changing requirements, we are expanding our refinery in Jurong, Singapore, to produce enhanced-performance EHC™ Group II base stocks. Completion is expected in 2019.

Watch this video showing the progress of our Singapore Refinery expansion project, including completion of the heavy lift of a new reactor.
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Singapore expansion insider

Get an inside view of the Singapore expansion project from ExxonMobil colleagues.

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The road to startup

Singapore refinery expansion timeline

  • Aerial shot of Singapore plant

    ExxonMobil to expand production of high-quality lubricant base stocks and fuels in Singapore

    Learn more about how this multi-billion dollar project will increase global supply of high-quality base stocks.

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    Where to Buy

    As a global producer of Group I and Group II base stocks, our supply chain optimization begins with our global manufacturing and reach, designed to simplify your logistics needs.

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EHC 50 and 110 brochure

New products for new requirements

Enhanced Group II EHC™ 50 and EHC™ 110 base stocks will be available in Asia-Pacific in 2019 to meet changing requirements for lubricants and base oils.

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