Boeing 787 plane landing at night

About us  

Tested and proven in the aviation business for more than a century. We are committed to the aviation industry and want to be your trusted supplier of choice.

  • Our heritage

    As a leader in the aviation industry for over a century, we’ve been a part of many aviation milestones. Learn more about ExxonMobil aviation’s proud heritage.

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  • Product integrity

    Our absolute commitment to product integrity requires product quality, performance, representation and regulatory compliance over the life cycle of products.

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  • Technology leadership

    We focus on product quality and providing solutions to address customers’ needs – developing tomorrow's innovative products, today.

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  • Supply reliability

    We are driven by our customers’ need for reliable delivery of jet fuels and lubricants. And because we are a global organization, you can work with a single source supplier.

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  • Sustainability

    We are committed to meeting the world's growing demand for energy in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. Learn more.

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