Images of ExxonMobil Aviation's milestones through history

Our heritage

For more than 100 years, we’ve been a trusted partner around the world. We have been a technology leader for more than a century, with aviators and engineers relying on our expertise to push the boundaries of flight. ExxonMobil Aviation fuels and lubricants products have been chosen for some of history’s most celebrated aircraft and space programs.

Capital investments into a state-of-the-art blending and packaging facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – the Port Allen manufacturing facility – demonstrate our long-term commitment to the aviation industry and set a new standard of technological excellence.

Our research and engineering facilities located in Paulsboro, New Jersey, feature world-class laboratories for product development and performance testing – ensuring the highest quality nose-to-tail product offering for our customers.

And our commitment to technology and strong cooperation with manufacturers ensures we will continue to provide industry-leading products to our customers today and in the future.

Droop nose of Concorde turbo jetliner 2019 – ExxonMobil donates over 1,000 litres of hydraulic fluid for Concorde restoration

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the maiden flight of Concorde, ExxonMobil donated over 1,000 litres of original Exxon M2-V Aviation Hydraulic Fluid to Heritage Concorde, a volunteer preservation group dedicated to the restoration of Concorde aircraft in the United Kingdom and France. Read more 

2016 Port Allen Aviation Plant 2016 - State-of-the-art Port Allen Aviation Plant begins production in Louisiana

The Port Allen Aviation Plant produces the entire line of Mobil Jet™ aviation lubricants – helping to meet rising demand for high-performance synthetic aviation lubricants. The facility utilizes the latest blending and packaging equipment in conjunction with a range of sustainable features to increase electrical energy efficiency.

Mobil Jet Oil 3872013 - Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 makes its first commercial debut aboard a Boeing 747-8

After ten years of extensive product development and testing, Mobil Jet Oil 387 was selected by a major commercial airliner for maiden voyage on-board a Boeing 747-8 powered by GEnx engines.

Commercial aircraft flying in the sky2006 - ExxonMobil Aviation jet fuel chosen for all Airbus A380 test flights

Airbus chooses ExxonMobil Aviation jet fuel for every Airbus A380 test flight and a major commercial airliner selects Mobil Jet™ Oil II and Exxon HyJet™ for its inaugural Airbus A380 commercial flight.

Astronaut in space2000 - Space walks

During the International Space Station space walks, Mobil Jet™ Oil II oil lubricated electric power generation units, while Mobilgrease™ 28 grease ensured reliability of life support backpacks.

Glider plane flying in the sky1986 - Around the world non-stop

Voyager, the first plane to fly non-stop around the world without refueling, used specially formulated Mobil synthetic lubricant.

Space Launch1981 - Space launch

NASA chose Mobil Jet™ Oil II lubricant for the space shuttle Columbia on its first mission. The shuttle orbited the earth 36 times before safely returning to Edwards Air Force Base.

Supersonic Jet1969 - Supersonic jet

The Concorde supersonic jet began service between Europe and the United States, using legacy Exxon M2V hydraulic fluid to operate critical movements of the iconic droop nose during flights and Mobil Jet™ Oil II lubricant during initial test flights.

Mobil Jet Oil 21963 - Socony Mobil introduces Mobil Jet Oil II

The first advanced gasoline turbine aircraft engine oil to dramatically reduce engine overhaul intervals, Mobil Jet Oil II was the exclusive oil used by Pan American Airways. Its powder-blue can with the sans serif letters – one of the most recognizable brand packages in the industry – was created after a marketing writer spent $2.35 on colored paper, paste and lettering.

Logo of Pan American World Airways1958 - First trans-Atlantic voyage for the Boeing 707

Pan American Airways flew from New York to London, powered by Mobil aviation fuel.

Douglas Corrigan1938 - Douglas Corrigan’s wrong-way flight to Ireland

Corrigan flew from New York to Ireland in July 1938 with the help of Mobiloil lubricants, even though his plane was licensed for cross-country flights only. After he claimed he crossed the ocean in error, he was dubbed “Wrong Way” Corrigan and received official censure for the stunt – in addition to a ticker tape parade that was said to rival Lindbergh’s.

Portrait of Wiley Post1933 - Wiley Post’s solo flight around the globe

Post was the first aviator to fly around the world solo, and his aircraft engine was protected by Mobiloil lubricants.

Portrait of Amelia Earhart1928 - Amelia Earhart’s solo flight across the Atlantic 

Earhart made her historic flight across the Atlantic with Mobiloil lubricants working to protect the engine in Friendship.
(Photo credit: 99s Museum of Women Pilots)

Plane from 19271927 - Charles Lindbergh’s first solo non-stop transatlantic flight

When Lindbergh first flew across the Atlantic, he did so using Mobiloil branded lubricants to help protect the engine of the Spirit of St. Louis.

Wright brothers plane taking its first flight1903 - The Wright Brothers first take flight 

Wilbur and Orville Wright used fuel from Jersey Standard (a legacy ExxonMobil company) and Mobiloil branded lubricants for their historic first flight.


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