Industrial aviation lubricants plant generates supply at night

Supply reliability  

We are driven by our customers’ need for reliable, safe, and on-time delivery of jet fuels and lubricants. Our integrated global supply organization manages our manufacturing and distribution facilities, which provide a reliable and trusted source of nose-to-tail aviation products for customers around the world.

Supplying you with the products you need starts with procuring raw materials from integrated ExxonMobil and third-party facilities. This allows us to blend proprietary formulations of lubricants, hydraulic oils and greases. Products are then packaged and distributed globally.

We optimize the transport of raw materials and finished products to reliably supply our customers, while monitoring key manufacturing parameters to help reduce energy, recycle materials and minimize waste. Our global supply organization and distribution network ensures supply reliability, product integrity and quality, with timely delivery of products to your fleet.

We maintain supply reliability by proactively:

  • Employing demand-forecasting tools
  • Monitoring and balancing product inventories
  • Investing in our supply chain to ensure long-term supply integrity
  • Having emergency response processes in place when needed

We have established proprietary Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) to analyze risks for various global scenarios and develop appropriate mitigation plans for all of our locations. Our BCPs provide customers with added assurance and confidence that our global network is prepared to manage supply disruptions. Each plan has been adapted to the unique safety, security, health and environmental risks present in the applicable location.

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    Our absolute commitment to product integrity requires product quality, performance, representation and regulatory compliance over the life cycle of products.

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