Engineers inspect aviation lubricants within an airplane engine

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Our dedicated team offers best-in-class technical expertise, engineering support and inspection services when you need it most. The services are designed to help:

  • Reduce maintenance downtime
  • Provide potential cost savings
  • Proactively detect problems in oil and hydraulic systems

Explore our various services below.

  • Engineering services

    Engineering services for inspection and maintenance | ExxonMobil aviation

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  • EXXGARD aviation oil analysis

    Our EXXGARD oil analysis helps maintain optimal engine performance by conducting sampling in three categories: oil condition, additive and contaminant metals, and metal wear.

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  • Exxcare hydraulic systems oil analysis

    Optimize hydraulic system performance and proactively identify problems with Exxcare, our proprietary fluid analysis program.

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  • Aviation news

    Get news updates, newly published reports and articles.

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  • Aviation lubricant shelf life

    Find out the recommended shelf life of ExxonMobil aviation lubricants.

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    Get in touch with our customer service teams and technical help desk professionals for help with your aviation needs.

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