Mobil™ HyJet™ Fluid Analysis

Mobil™ HyJet™ Fluid Analysis is our proprietary fluid analysis program to help you proactively identify problems and optimize your hydraulic system performance.

Our online program allows you to test each aircraft hydraulic system on a regular basis (every C-check). Mobil™ HyJet™ Fluid Analysis can help you:
  • Detect problems before they become critical and costly
  • Identify systematic issues in your aircraft or fleet
  • Improve reliability in your hydraulic systems

The program is easy to use; simply take a fluid sample from a component and send it to us for analysis, we will provide a report of our findings and make recommendations on how you can improve performance. Your online account also allows you to:
  • Compare results against OEM-recommended limits
  • View results for specific aircraft makes and models, or entire fleets
  • Receive expert analysis of your fleet’s assessment

To find out more about the Mobil™ HyJet™ Fluid Analysis program, contact an ExxonMobil aviation representative.

If you already have an account, you can log in to Mobil™ HyJet™ Fluid Analysis here.
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