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  • Fuels

    ExxonMobil aviation jet fuel is compliant with international specifications and engineered to work efficiently in military, commercial and general aircraft.

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  • Mobil Jet™ oils

    Mobil Jet oils deliver performance to more than 11,000 engines (commercial, military and aircraft-type gas turbine) and are designed to meet today and tomorrow's aviation challenges.

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  • Hydraulic fluids

    Our hydraulic fluids are fire-resistant phosphate esters, designed for commercial aircraft, providing power conveyance, heat transfer protection, and protection against wear and corrosion.

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  • Greases

    Our full line of aviation greases is designed to deliver protection against wear and corrosion, endure weather conditions and provide excellent performance in extreme temperatures.

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  • Other aviation lubricants

    Our range of aviation lubricants includes piston, gear and specialty turbine oils, specifically formulated to provide outstanding performance for a wide array of applications.

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  • Lubricants technical support

    We offer engineering and technical support services to help you reduce maintenance downtime, providing you with potential cost savings, and proactively detecting problems in oil and hydraulic systems.

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Nose-to-tail offer

These interactive schematics demonstrate our full nose-to-tail aviation fuels, oils, fluids and greases product offering for your commercial, general and military aircraft fleet.
Flying airplane protected by ExxonMobil Aviation products from nose to tail
  • Where to buy

    Explore our extensive global distribution network in the map and dropdown menu below, and learn where to buy our full range of aviation fuels and lubricants.

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  • Aviation lubricant shelf life

    Find out the recommended shelf life of ExxonMobil aviation lubricants.

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  • Aviation news

    Get news updates, newly published reports and articles.

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