Taking stock in conversation with sylvieH

Source: Article by Andrianne Philippou. Originally published in Lube Magazine, www.lube-media.com.

"A game-changer in the supply of Group II base stocks”

Global Market Development Manager, Sylvie Houry, talks to Lube Magazine about what the completion of the Rotterdam expansion project means for lubricant innovators.

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  • Rotterdam Refinery Drone

    Rotterdam from the air


    The Rotterdam expansion project has brought world-scale production of Group II base stocks to Europe for the first time. Take a flying tour over the refinery in our exclusive drone video.

  • Aerieal photo of Rotterdam refinery

    Rotterdam refinery expansion

    Explore our Rotterdam refinery expansion, which will put us on the map as the only global Group I and Group II base stocks producer with significant manufacturing assets across three continents.