Navigating A Challenging Lubes Industry—Positioning for Future Success

What is on the horizon for the lubes industry? Tune into Global Marketing Manager Laura Pottorf and Global Sales Manager Victor Martinez's 60 years of combined ExxonMobil experiences to find out. Together, they'll address key topics such as current base stock industry dynamics, today's volatile manufacturing and supply chain challenges, and macro trends driving future requirements along with the attributes of a reliable base stock supplier. View now to discover these impactful lube industry insights and more.

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"ExxonMobil Singapore basestocks refinery"

June, 2002 – Singapore Resid Upgrade Project

The Singapore Resid Upgrade Project will expand large scale-production of Exxon Mobil's global EHC™ Group II slate to meet growing demand for high-performance lubricants in the Asia-Pacific region.