Welcome to “Parallel perspectives”, our video series that presents two insightful perspectives on one base oil industry topic.

    Parallel perspectives

    The video series that brings you two insightful views on one big industry topic.

    In the latest episode, watch Steve Walker, Global Marine Equipment Builder Manager, and Chris Kramer, Business and Industry Analytics Advisor, as they offer insight into IMO 2020 and the impact it will have on base stocks and the industry as a whole.

    Previous episodes still available in the playlist

    Episode two: David Blain (Senior Scientific Advisor) and Tarek Elsolh (Global Business Development Manager) discuss the base oil industry’s need for lubes and greases created with both Group I and Group II base stocks.

    Episode one: Rick Dougherty and Amr Abou Eita discuss how we’re helping customers meet stringent automotive oil specifications around the world.

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