Hock-Lye Keow, supply chain manager for basestocks in the Asia & Pacific region.

Singapore expansion insider – Hock-Lye Keow

The ExxonMobil team continues work on expanding our Singapore refinery in order to enhance the quality of EHC™ base stocks in the Asia-Pacific region. There are numerous men and women who are giving their all to make both projects a success. Learn from Hock-Lye Keow, AP Supply Chain Manager, as he shares his perspective on the Singapore refinery base stocks expansion project and what makes it special.

Q: Explain your role on the expansion project and describe the responsibilities of your team.

As AP Supply Chain Manager, it is my responsibility to supervise the facility logistics and requirements for the refinery’s storage optionality and load capabilities. My team plays an integral role in ensuring that the facility’s conversion to a higher-quality product supply is consistent with our customer offer. It’s our job to ensure the refinery fulfills the commitment we’ve made to customers with regards to the timing and delivery of this improved Group II base stock supply.

Previously, I’ve served as business lead for a hydro-desulfurization project in Singapore. My involvement in past refinery expansion projects underscored how important collaborative teamwork is in identifying optimal facility configuration and prioritizing safety throughout project development and execution.

“I anticipate that this refinery will be recognized for its continuous implementation of

cutting-edge technology that improves the customer experience.”
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Q: What do you think is the most exciting aspect of the Singapore expansion?

The most exciting aspects of the expansion are all of the opportunities the project will bring to those involved, including both current employees and potential new hires. In addition to this employee growth potential, which will cement ExxonMobil’s status as an employer of choice, I’m looking forward to seeing the implementation of new technology within the production of Group II base stocks. This new technology will enable products with improved performance for our customers, and ultimately strengthen relationships with current customers while opening the door to new prospects.

Q: What do you hope the Singapore refinery will be known for five to 10 years from now?

In the future, I anticipate that this refinery will be recognized for its continuous implementation of cutting-edge technology that improves the customer experience. Additionally, the refinery will continue to be known as a facility that places safety and environmental sustainability at the forefront of its operations.

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