ExxonMobil’s Tom Hitchner

Tom Hitchner

Global Technical Advisor

Tom Hitchner has over 34 years of experience with ExxonMobil. He has been a global technical advisor for aviation since 2016, covering jet oils, hydraulic fluids and greases. He provides technical support for manufacturing, customer problem solving, and marketing support, helping to keep quality up and customers flying smoothly.

Tom joined ExxonMobil immediately after graduating from college with a degree in mechanical engineering. He started his career as a testing engineer in automotive, developing new Mobil 1 formulations. From there, he became a formulator for Mobil 1 and provided trackside support for lubricants used in NASCAR and CART. He has also worked in industrial lubricants, a strategic OEM account and led the Toyota Formula 1 program before joining aviation.

Tom Hitchner articles and interviews

A commercial airplane is shown mid-flight at sunset.

Automotive to aviation: A Q&A with ExxonMobil Aviation Global Technical Advisor Tom Hitchner

From the track to the skies, Hitchner highlights his career journey to ExxonMobil Aviation today and what he sees for the industry in the years ahead.

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